Effective date: 16 April 2024

Usage Rules

Prohibited Actions and Content

As part of Hypedcode SRL’s commitment to providing a secure and respectful platform, the following actions and content types are strictly prohibited:

Illegal Activities

Users must not engage in, promote, or facilitate any illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, adherence to laws related to the transmission, recording, collection, or monitoring of data and communications that require prior consent, as well as compliance with opt-out requests.

Harmful and Graphic Content

We do not allow content that is graphically violent, obscene, or sexually explicit. Content that promotes self-harm, terrorist activities, misinformation, or poses a public safety threat, whether in public or private interactions, is prohibited.

Abusive Behaviors

Harassment, bullying, defamation, or threats against individuals or groups are not permitted on Clepside.

Discriminatory Content

Any content that promotes hate speech, violence, or discrimination based on race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or any other protected characteristic is banned. Organizations promoting hate or violence are also prohibited from using our services.

Exploitation of Minors

Content that exploits, sexualizes, or promotes abuse of children in any manner is forbidden.

Privacy Violations

Content or actions that invade privacy, or otherwise unlawfully compromise another person’s rights, are forbidden.

Service Interference

Users are prohibited from actions that interfere with, or detrimentally impact, any aspect of Clepside or third-party services connected to Clepside.

Intellectual Property Violations

Infringing on intellectual property rights, including unauthorized copying or plagiarizing of content from other users, is not allowed.

Malicious and Deceptive Practices

The dissemination of harmful software, such as malware or viruses, as well as engaging in deceptive, false, misleading, or fraudulent practices, including promoting counterfeit goods or services, are violations of our policy.

Unauthorized Access

Attempts to unlawfully or improperly access, or to gain control of, the assets of another person or organization through Clepside are not permitted.

Spam and Unsolicited Contact

Sending spam, hosting spam, engaging in unauthorized commercial content distribution, or conducting mass unsolicited solicitations through our platform is prohibited.

This content policy is designed to maintain the integrity and usability of Clepside for all users while upholding our legal and ethical responsibilities. Hypedcode SRL reserves the right to enforce these rules through methods including, but not limited to, content review, suspension of service, and discontinuation of service provision.

We thank all users for adhering to these guidelines and helping maintain a safe and inclusive environment.